5 December 1917


                My dear Daddie,

Many happy returns of your birthday today and your wedding day tomorrow.  I hope Mother will make you a nice cake for tea on Sunday.  I wish I were going to be there too.  However, I shall be home on Monday.

This place is almost quite untenable at present.  Half the Hall is working either for Divvers or Smalls, and is like nothing so much as a bear with a sore head.  There is something extra on every night – particularly now we are out of quarantine.  Last night it was Cannon Streeter, who came to conduct a very interesting discussion which wound up our study circles on Job.  We made up “pours” for him to answer, mostly concerned with the Devil, that part of the question seeming to leave an extraordinary attraction for most people.  Tonight is Wids – the Inter collegiate Debate.  I haven’t even arrived at what the subject is.  I only know we must all turn up in order to vote for our nominees to office for next term.  Tomorrow is General Meeting, and election of petty officers for next term, when the freshers have to take on some of the dirty work of the Hall.  On Thursday, there’s something up, but what – remains a mystery.  Muriel was dropping dark hints last night, so I feel exceedingly curious.  Whatever it is, she is in it.  On Friday it’s Hall Debate, a most ghastly affair, for being sharp practice everyone has to speak, and as the Smalls people are exempt, it will come all the harder on the rest of the freshers.  I shall have blue funk when my turn comes.  After that the First Year is going to have a big bust up and a rowdy time!  On Saturday the Musical Society is going to give a “turn”, several, in fact, ending up with cocoa and monkey tricks in the Senior Students’ room.  On Sunday we are to perform the very appropriate function of singing carols to the feeble-minded.  If there’s any left of us on Monday, we shall come down then.

My dearest love to Mother and Maxted,

Your loving daughter,


Next letter to be posted on 9 December 2014