9 December 1917

St. Hilda’s Hall, Oxford.


Ÿ                 My dear Mother

Very many thanks for your letter.  I am awfully sorry not to have written before, but Darnell didn’t hear from her people until this morning, so we couldn’t make any arrangements.  We are coming home by the 10.48 a.m. from here, and are going to share a taxi from Paddington.  I ought to be at Victoria by 1.0, and hope to catch the first train after 1.0.  So will you please meet me either at Victoria or at Streatham Hill – if at Victoria please stand outside the suburban booking office.  I shall have the bag, holdall, my case, and a coat.  Half the bag is books!

Your loving daughter,



I hope this will reach you by the first post tomorrow – but if it doesn’t and you are not at Victoria, I shall come on by the first train.

Next letter will be posted on 20 January 2015