19 January 1919


                My dear Mother,

We arrived quite safely yesterday.  Our carriage emptied a bit at Reading, and we picked up Evelyn.  At Oxford the station was packed, and there were so few cabs that finally five of us piled all our luggage into one cab.  Two rode inside, May rode my byke home and Mary Mac. and I walked home, with Mathias1, of course.  We just got home in time for tea, of which we were very glad, being tired and hungry.

Much to our relief, the food situation is decidedly easier.  Bread is henceforward unrationed and we are to have more jam and more butter – or rather margarine, and twice a week for breakfast!  Milk is the only thing which is tightened, and that not essentially.  We still have a little at night for cocoa.  We also have 4 fires per week, and the electric light till 11.15p.m. so altogether we feel rather happier than we did!

Dr Allen has been appointed head of the Royal College of Music, but still comes to Oxford at the weekends, so keeps on the Bach Choir and plays in New College chapel on Sundays, but has had to give up the orchestra.  We hear that the public are now excluded from the choir in New College, but are going tonight to find out.  All the cadets have departed and the colleges are mostly full up, though the town is not so full  as it would normally be.

My box has not yet arrived, but I suppose it will come sometime.  I have left my little purple dressing gown with the lace collar and cuffs at home, so would you please send it along with the washing?  I am not in any tearing hurry for it.  I am glad I did not send my jewellery[sic] in my box, for one child was telling me that all hers was stolen out of a trunk sent by goods last vac.

Gerry got through H.P. but not Babe!  It is really awfully hard luck on Babe – she came a cropper on maps, I believe.  All except one of the women candidates had to do their Latin Unseens again at the Viva.  Poor beggars!

The river is out, but not much.  The island is still there, although there are one or two pools in it.  However the river is too high for them to bring our boats back yet.

Please give my dearest love to Daddie and the boy.  I hope he is getting on all right at D.C. 2

Your loving daughter,


1Mathias – Margot’s violin.

2D.C. – Dulwich College, a South London public school.  Margot’s brother had been at the junior or ‘prep’ school.

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