23 January 1918 23 January 1918

                St Hilda’s Hall,



                My dear Mother

Very many thanks for the parcel, which arrived promptly on Tuesday morning, and also for your letter and card.  Thank you very much for your potted meat – it will be extremely useful.  I am so sorry not to have acknowledged the things before, but on Monday I was confronted with two essays and two unseens to be done in three days, with both Monday and Tuesday evenings full up.  The consequence was I have worked harder than ever in my life, even on Tuesday afternoon, and hardly spoke to a soul for two days, for which most of my friends are reproachful.

I expect you have now heard from Mrs Harris that she thinks she will be able to wash for me herself.  So that’s all right.  I shall send her as little as possible, for she looks very frail, but says she must wash for herself, she may as well take mine in addition, as she cannot find anyone else willing to take it temporarily.

This term in Bach Choir we are going to sing Haydn’s “Creation” and Charles Wood’s “Dirge of Two Veterans“, which we couldn’t make out until Dr Allen informed us that it was the opening chorus of “Iphigenia in Tauris” put into English verse and set to music.  So it ought to be quite interesting.  Dr Allen spent all last practice in teaching us to read at sight.  He was killingly funny, and said that when we reached a perfect cadence, an idiotic smile of satisfaction came over our faces.

Today the B. conducted a party round the town walls.  It was very interesting tracing them out, as bits still remain, and occur about every hundred yards, while in places they exist quite  whole for some distance.  The B. is going to conduct expeditions every Wednesday, so we ought to know a lot when we have done.

The floods are just beginning to subside, and the island is gradually reappearing.  It is awfully funny to see first the football goal post, and then the field roller emerging from the waters.  I hope it bucks up and subsides, for of course boating is at present impossible.

Please give my love to Daddie and the kid – poor infant, you would have thought he had mumps.

Your loving daughter,


Next letter will be posted on 27 January 2015


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