12 February 1918

S. Hilda’s Hall,



                My dear Mother

Very many thanks for your letter, the money enclosed, and the parcel.  I had a first year tea-party on Sunday to celebrate the event.  It was great sport, for Jacynth and Fay, the Australian, swapped stories about clergymen, mostly the irreverent sort, and kept us absolutely howling!  The potted meat was delicious, and came in most useful for Sunday lunch, and also last night after the rehearsal.  Three and a half hours’ of making myself generally useful with dressing, and pulling the curtain, etc, left me quite dead!

Last week I spent most of my time punting – was three times on the river, in fact.  This term we have another boat captain, Anker Nichols.  She is the fourth year I believe I mentioned before.  She is a perfectly priceless person!  She is nearly the wittiest person in Hall, in a very incisive way.  Also she really knows how to talk; though she is supposed to be very shy and silent, she has always managed to talk enough when I sit next to her.  When she really gets going, she absolutely “scintillates”, there is no other word for it.  She is a ripping coach, and punts with the utmost grace.  We shall have her next year, too, for she has been ill during much of her time here, and now has got to do much work.

West, our 37 year-old, has been “putting her foot in it” rather a lot lately.  The whole Hall is secretly rejoicing that she goes down at the end of this term.  The woman is a rank outsider.  I don’t know whether I mentioned that the Boat Club had a row about a week ago.  The real fact of the matter was that Hughie, the boat club captain, asked us at last general meeting to consent to offer the use of the Hall boats to a Miss Baumgartner, an old boat captain now working in Oxford.  Hughie gave the invitation without consulting Miss Todd, the English don and president of the Boat Club .  Whereupon there was a great fuss because the constitution of the boat club had been infringed, the real fact being that Todd had been unintentionally insulted.  West had the indecency to refer to this in Hall Debate on Saturday night, Miss Baumgartner being there!  Of course she didn’t know who Miss B. was, but she had no business to bring up the matter at all.

The motion at the Debate was “that there should be democratic control of foreign policy”.  West was proposing, I opposing.  I had great fun preparing for it by reading Gilbert Murray’s “Defence of Sir E. Grey”, British Foreign Policy (1906-1914).  My preparation is, I understand, generally conceded to have been clear and too [sic] the point, which West’s wasn’t, but somewhat too short.

The Mus. Soc. wants to have a Gilbert and Sullivan evening at their next meeting.  Will you please send me at once my score of the Gondoliers, and any of the following you or the kid can bag from any of our numerous libraries – The Mikado, Patience, the Yeomen of the Guard.  The Mus. Soc. will pay postage.

On  Saturday week the S.C.M. are giving a Fancy Dress dance.  I have an aching to go as Mephistopheles.  Not more than 6d to be spent, so will you please send me all the scarlet garments you can lay hands on, including my cardinal’s hood, the covering and girdle of the hat (both under the bed in my room) and if there is a pair of red stockings in the box on the landing, please send them along together with any odd bits of scarlet stuff you can lay hands on.

I enclose a/c and receipt.  Have heaps more to say, but no time.  Will try and write again during this week, and fill in the rest.

Your loving daughter


P.S.   Love and kisses to Daddie and the kid.

Official college receipt for £23.15.- signed Christine ME Burrows




£. s. d.

£. s. d.

To Daddie’s cheque 16. -. – By Tuition Fee  8. 15.-
 “   Miss B.’s   5. -. –  “  residence  “ 25. -. –
 “   P.O   3.15. – £33.15.-
£24.15.- Less exhibition  6.13.4.“     Room        3.  6.8

£10. 0.

\   By Total Fees £23.15.-
         “ Balance £  1.  -.  –
£24.15.-    24.15. –

Next letter will be posted 0n 17 February 2014


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