15 March 1918

S. Hilda’s Hall,



                My dear Mother,

I am coming home by a train arriving at Paddington at 12.10 p.m. on Monday.  Could you please meet me there, so that you can help me with my baggage?  I dare say we could manage without a porter in that case.  I am going to leave my box, containing books and oddments, here to come on when it can, and shall just bring home my clothes in the bag.

I have just finished my last coaching and depart for my last lecture in 5 minutes time.  No more work this term!  That sounds like an enormous amount of free time, but between my duties as  cab agent, packing, and the river , there won’t be much time to spare.  I have existed in a punt lately, and shall continue to do so, for Anker says Joyce and I ought to get our halves early next term, so now we feel justified in bullying all and sundry into taking us out.  It will be ripping if we can get them, for we will then make together the first 1st yr punt captain.  I only wish we could do it before May morning, but am afraid that is impossible.


We find there is a chance of punting on Monday morning, so I shall come home by the 2.40 train – will send you a p.c. to say what time it arrives.  Monday is the vac. So we may punt without captains with the permission of our parents.  Please send permission by return of post, as it is the last chance we’ll get this term

Your loving daughter


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