4 June 1918

S. Hilda’s Hall,



                My dear Mother,

Many thanks for your letter and parcel.  The cake is perfectly delicious!  You mention something about money in the letter, but there was nothing in it, and it was not registered, so I conclude you forgot to put it in.  It will be very welcome if it comes soon, as I am absolutely stoney!  owing to visitors, summer washing, etc!  Various expenses are looming on the horizon, including Hall photograph (in which I have come out quite well) 3/61, not to mention the extras at the end of the term – for my various visitors, and birthdays!  Please don’t forget that Doris is 21 on the 27th of this month!  You promised to help me out with that!  Ethel’s I think I can manage.

Tommy2 has now departed hence, after a very nice visit.  She was a standing amusement to the Hall while she lasted.  She used to sit either at Miss Levett’s or Miss Coate’s table and engage in a war of words with them.  Miss Coate and she used to give one another away frightfully, and tell lurid tales of each other as students.  I must tell you some of them sometime, if I can remember them.  Last Tuesday “Dorothea” took me out for a walk and to tea at “the George”.  It was awfully jolly!  She told me a lot about Streatham Hill3, and what she thought of it, and I told her some things also, both of us now being free to say what we liked.  We also discussed how History should be taught, and I gave Tommy to think by saying that I had found our old method of learning History at S.H.H.S., which she condemned unreservedly, provided a useful groundwork.  She told one thing which surprised me immensely.  Miss Francis was an Oxford woman, and came from Somerville!!!  No wonder she always beams benevolently upon me whenever I go up to school now!

I have got my punt whole!  I feel rather bucked!  I am to be tested for my boat half on Friday!  So now I am a person of some importance and authority in the year.  Isabel got her punt half quite soon, and last week we had great fun!  On Tuesday morning we went bathing before breakfast, and had a gorgeous swim, with the sun on the water.  On Friday evening we had a supper picnic.  Paddy took her primus stove, and we boiled eggs in the boat.  We had a gorgeous time, and dongola-ed home – two poling, and two paddling.  The mad things one can do when only first years are with you!  We went up a private backwater the other day, and only turned in our own length.

I have finished up all my work, and have now three weeks in which to revise, a week for each century of the period, and a time paper for each week!  Dr Carlyle thinks I am well-grounded in Finance and advises me to take the Finance Special in Schools, particularly when he had elicited the fact that I intended to do administrative or social work.  I shall have to talk it over with the Levett.

My dearest love to Daddie and Maxted.  Doris writes that Laurie Bishop is home wounded.  Could you send me some more jam by her?

Your loving daughter,


1The photo may be the one rolled up in the box with the letters which has now been restored.

2Tommy – alias Miss Thompson, or Dorothea, Margot’s once time History teacher at school.

3 Streatham Hill is Margot’s old school, Streatham Hill High School, thus S.H.H.S.

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