17 November 1918

S. Hilda’s Hall



                My dear Mother,

Many thanks for your letter and the parcel.  The cake is delicious.  The slight burning it had did not affect the flavour.  I did not send the camisoles, etc. with the stockings because I have found another washer woman, by the aid of Mary Mac.  She washes beautifully, sends back the things in three days, and does not put on a percentage, like the laundry.  I shall continue to send her all my underclothes and blouses, as the laundry at present is so uncertain.  I am going to give her my best crêpe de chine blouse this week.

Daddie sent me a cheque and also a nice long letter from the North, telling me of all that happened in Liverpool.  I was very thankful to get the money, but 10/- of it went at once in washing bills and the rest is slowly departing from me.  I think what really runs off with it is the lunches in the morning.  I simply cannot exist from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on a cold morning without having a cup of coffee.

I think we are on the way towards a solution of the fire problem, for which Heaven be thanked!  These frosty nights are awful without a fire.  It is equally impossible to work in your own room or in anyone else’s.

Grant Bobs continues to be as unexpected as ever.  I must tell you when I come home some of the things he says about the war.  He was not quite so scathing yesterday about our essays – merely criticised them “en masse”.  This is what he has given us for next time – “Examine the effect of the reconstruction of Prussia in 1807 on the subsequent history of a) Prussia, b)Germany, c) Europe”.  This seems to me to entail reading the whole of the subsequent history of a) Prussia, b) Germany c) Europe.  “Not so simple as it looks”, says he, with a feline smile.  I wished to goodness it did look simple.  I shouldn’t want to go any deeper!  He doesn’t care what the result is, he says, so long as he stirs up our “grey nervous mahtter”!

I must stop now, as Isabel and I are going to a thanksgiving service at St Mary’s.  Much love to Daddie and the boy.

Your loving daughter,


Next letter to be posted on24 November 2015.