1 December 1918

St. Hilda’s Hall



                My dear Mother,

Thank you very much indeed for your letter, the parcel, and the note.  The cake was delicious, but, I regret to say, has already disappeared as the result of a polite tea-party and ditto cocoa.  I was in luck’s way this week-end, for yesterday Auntie Lucy sent me a parkin and some shortbread biscuits.  N.B. half the parkin went at tea today among 3 of us very ravenous after Bach Choir concert.

At the beginning of this week my back tyre exploded in the shed.  The man said it was “spontaneous combustion” – anyway the tyre and inner tube were in shreds.  Accordingly I drew 10/- out of the P.O. to pay for the tyre, and arriving at the shop found that the inner tube also was useless, so had to pay 15/- altogether, which made a hole in your note!.  I shall want some money to pay my extras at the end of term.  Rowing will be the biggest item.

I am delighted with the idea of a new costume – if it can really be done.  I think it had better be a lighter one than my brown – so as to do for summer wear.  But one thing I must have, and that is some more silk or flannel shirts.  My white one is all to pieces.  One new one at least will be necessary.

We come down on the 9th.  I shall try to catch a morning train.  I may have to bring my box home with me, as I want to bring lots of books, but in that case shall not bring my bag.

Grant Bobs is giving up all his pupils next term, including men, because he is running the Government scheme of educating the men released from the army.  A few hundred arrived in Oxford on Saturday.  So we are left in the lurch.  I am not going to continue my foreign period, but am to start Political Science – with Dr Carlyle.  The Levett has been perfectly angelic about it.

I must stop now.  I am longing for the vac.  Divvers on Wednesday!  I know nothing about Matthew, John, and the Acts, and shall therefore plough!  Ethel has got a 2nd in Finals.  MacWilliam telegraphed the fact to me.  MacWilliam is the man in the case.  I will tell you about him when I come.  Love to Daddie and Max.

Your loving daughter,


The next letter to be posted on 3 December 2015.