20 February 1919


My dear Mother,

Thank you so much for your note with the stockings and the pies, which came this morning.  I do not think that there are sufficient reasons for me to spend a pound on coming home, though I would like to see you all, and should have enjoyed the 22nd.  I was only half serious when I suggested it.

The Dance is to be a book dance, everyone is to represent the title of a book, play or poem.  I am thinking of going as “Succession”.  I should dress like Queen Victoria in that picture of her receiving the news that she has “succeeded” to the throne.  The only objection is that it will be rather hot attire for dancing, and if I can think of one involving lighter attire, I shall adopt it.

Hutch has had flu, but only for a day, and hopes to be about again soon.  She writes me a very earnest request to take notes of all lectures, because, quoth she, “there is no one here whose writing I can read”!

I hope Eastbourne will do Daddie good.  Forget whether I said I had heard again from Phyllis – Mr Callaghan is much better.  Our W.E.A. study circle is a great success.  We had a hot argument yesterday about equal wages for equal work.  One sweet youth, blushing all over, seemed to think that people should be paid equal rates what ever they did.  The little man from Lancashire was just as sensible as ever.  Today I have a card from Mr King, a perfectly awful specimen who is W.E.A. Sec. to the University, inviting me to bring one or two of S.H.H. members to tea with him, under the chaperonage of Miss Paxton, a Somerville English don.

Could you send me my other pair of combinations?  I do not want to take my heavy pair into use, as I like them to play hockey in.  Could you also send me my pair of compasses.  I think Max borrowed them before I came up this term.

Please give my dearest love to Daddie and Max.

Your loving daughter,


1Margot’s writing is very legible indeed.

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