2 May 1919

1North Lodge




                My dear Mother,

Thank you very much indeed for your letter, the note and parcel which arrived this morning, and also for the coat, very thankfully received.  I have also received the jumper from Miss Vincey – it looks very nice.  No sign of my frocks from Mrs Christian – it has been rather awkward this week without an evening dress at all.  I wished I had brought my green frock – it would not have been too warm.  Please thank Max also for his letter.

I could not get a room anywhere in Boar’s hill, so came up here.  Mrs Wheeler, the lady of the house, and her daughter Mrs Phillips are both very nice indeed.  I am to cycle into Oxford every day to work and have lunch there – all this at the expense of the Hall Loan Fund.  I shall call every day to the Hall for my letters and parcels, so you can write to me either there or here.

This morning by the same post that brought your parcel I received from Mr Cohen an invitation to the Wadham Commem. dance on the Monday of Commem. week – that is the day on which we go down.  The B. says it is nothing to do with her, as it is out of term time, but will want to know where I stay the night.  Of course I want to go – do you think I possibly can?  Could I go to a dance in my satin frock?  I really must introduce Mr Cohen to Daddie when he comes up.  Please let me know as soon as possible what you think about it.  Tell Aunt Ethel I would like a 50 guinea evening frock instead of a ring, please!  N.B.  I don’t mind particularly about the dance, but I don’t want to offend my nice little friend, whom, by the way, I have not yet seen to speak to.

I want to catch the evening post, so must stop now.  Please excuse pencil, but have only just obtained some ink.  I hope I am not quite as illegible as Daddie can be on occasion!  Please give my love to Daddie and Max, and tell Daddie that I am longing to see him, and, if all goes well, will be in Oxford again next Friday in time for his visit.  I will write again on Sunday and tell you all the Varsity news.

Your loving daughter, Margot.

1Margot is in Headington in quarantine for chicken pox.

The next letter will be posted on 4 May 2016.