12 May 1919

S. Hilda’s Hall,



                My dear Mother,

I am so sorry that this letter did not get written yesterday, as it should have done.  The truth was that Doris Coleman carried me off to spend the day in Wytham Woods, and came back to tea with me.  She did not depart till supper time, and after Chapel Gerry and I fell into a theological discussion, and it was 10.30 before we knew where we were.  Very many thanks for your two parcels and letters this last week – both arrived quite safely.  I am sending you a box of cowslips – I hope they will not be two [sic] squashed or faded on arrival.

Of course I’m emerged from the quarantine period quite happily, and very thankfully, for I had had quite enough of my own company, though I was very comfortable at North Lodge, and Mrs Wheeler and Mrs Philips were most kind.  Ever since I came back to Hall I have lived in a whirl.  One day succeeded another in a terrifyingly rapid manner.  Of course I am boating hard – before breakfast and at most other hours of the day.  This morning I got jumped on unexpectedly for rowing in a sliding tub – and had a gorgeous time for Joyce Tomlin was stroking.  Her reach is as long as mine and therefore I got along splendidly and won golden opinions from Best.  By the way Newnham1 have challenged us to race them.  Isn’t it topping?  We don’t know whether it can be wangled though, because the Cambridge term ends before ours.  What price a female ‘Varsity boat race in a few years’ time!

I don’t believe I shall get a stroke of work done this term – for I have just discovered that my tennis is no so bad – my racket is a beauty!  Gilbert, my English History coach is a soothing old bird, and good in his way – very thorough – but won’t let you do anything interesting.  Mr Cruttwell has appeared at last.  He is a gem – quite young and school-boyish – talks slang and is awfully jolly!  I am rather pleased about him.

Please tell Daddie that I may not be able to meet him on Saturday as the B. is having a garden party.  But please ask him to let me know, for if he arrives after 5 I could probably slip away to meet him.  Also would he like to come here to dinner on Saturday, or shall I come to the Golden Cross?  Please ask him to let me know soon, as I must talk to the B.  I am counting on his having tea here on Monday, even if he does not stay the night.

Both my frocks have come – the white one is a dream!  By the way, couldn’t you come up the last week end and chaperone me?  Mr Cohen would be pleased to include you in the invitation!

Much love to Daddie and Max.

Your loving daughter


1Newnham College, Cambridge, together with Girton College, for women students.

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