21 May 1919

St Hilda’s Hall,



My dear Mother,

Many thanks for your letter and parcel which came on Saturday.  The pies came in very nicely for our picnic on Sunday and the cake for my polite tea-party on Monday.  Thank you very much also for the sweater.  It is most useful these mornings.  I nearly always take a punt out from 7.0 to 8.0 a.m., and even in this perfect weather it is inclined to be chilly at that hour of the day.

We had a glorious weekend.  The weather has been all that could be desired ever since I came back from Headington.  These are certainly halcyon days.  The worst thing about them is that they go so fast.  The B. was most obliging last week-end, she let me have all I asked for!  We took Joyce and Isabel up the river with us on Sunday, and nearly got as far as Water Eaton.  I think I must take you there next time you come up as Todd says there is a beautiful old Jacobean house there.  We lunched in a field – so well that the cows in the said field turned into sheep before our eyes.  (N.B. Nobody believes this story, but it is true!)

I am pleased to report that the commander in chief approves of my friend from Wadham.  What he most likes about him is that he has not too much of the Oxford manner!  Mr Cohen took us round Wadham gardens on Monday evening, and told us about the arrangements for the dance.  I think it is going to be some fun.

Ethel’s address is 123 South Croxted Road.  Will you go and see her about the dish?  You will get there best by going to Gypsy Hill Station and walking down the hill.  Instead of taking Alleyn Park take the next road which is S. Croxted.  The house is quite near that end of the road.

I want to catch the 9.30 post, so will leave off now.  You shall have a proper letter at the week-end, for I shall have no distracting gentlemen around this Sunday!

My best love to Max.  I hope you are not too dull without all of us, or missing Betty too much.  Don’t forget Covent Garden.  Doris writes from Canterbury, quite recovered.

Your loving daughter,


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