10 August 1919

C/o Mrs Carlie,

“The Sycamores”,




                My dear Mother,

Many thanks for your letter in the parcel, and the note.  It was so cold when we first came here that I thought I shouldn’t want to go into a cotton night-gown.  Now it is broiling weather, and we are all displaying our cotton frocks!  Nevertheless I needed the knickers these last few days.

We are all enjoying the change in the weather – we always get a breeze at Burbage – it is never too hot up here.  I have been taking things easily for the last few days.  On Friday Grannie1 and I entertained Louisa and Annie to tea, while Auntie Lucy and Alice went for a walk.  Louisa set out to be charming to me.  I told I had been at Swanwick, you see!  Howard was once at an S.C.M. conference.  Hence these tears!  She brought her son’s Memoir for us to see.

Yesterday we had tea in the Gardens and heard the operatic quartette [sic] that is performing here sing selections from “Carmen” and the “Bohemian girl”.  There is a very good little orchestra here, which plays every evening at 8.0.  On Thursday it played Tschaikovsky’s Pathétique Symphony.  We must try and hear that at Queen’s Hall when I come home.

I have had a p.c. from Phyllis.  She said that her aunt, expecting me on Wednesday, had invited me to stay till Friday.  I am not going there till Friday, but if I am good I may get asked over the week-end!  I will let you know for certain later.

Love to Daddie and Max,

Your loving daughter,


1Grannie as distinct from Grandma, so it would seem that Grannie is a Collinson and Grandma a Fagg, Margot’s mother’s Kentish maiden name.

The next letter to be posted on 12 October 2016 when Margot will be in her 3rd year at St Hilda’s.