19 October 1919

St. Hilda’s Hall,



My dear Mother,

Thank – you very much indeed for the two parcels, and for the note and letter enclosed in the second one.  I was very pleased to receive the money, as we are being asked for our contributions to the B.’s portrait this week-end.  The levy per head is very reasonable, only 6/8d.  The portrait is very like, and hangs over one of the fire-places in the dining room.  The next expense will be the Women’s Union, sub. £1.1.0.  It is commonly known as the Women’s Workhouse!

We have had an extremely busy week.  I only spent one evening after dinner in my own room during the whole of this week.  We are singing the Bb Mass by Bach this term, thus really justifying our name.  It is frightfully difficult, but very beautiful.  Dr Allen thinks we are going to do it in one term, and promises us more modern music next term.  We are to have the orchestra to practise with us all the term.  On Tuesday we had a W.E.A. committee meeting, and the Sec. Mr Bell of Balliol, resigned.  Mr. Jones, also of Bal., offered to take on the job, provided that he could have an assistant.  As Miss Smith did not seem able to offer, I had to.  More work!

The freshers seem quite a possible lot.  I have not quite got hold of all of them yet, but have entertained Miss Thompson, and two of the three post-graduate students the B. wrote to me about.  The Cardiff one is very nice indeed, also the Manchester one.  The Calcutta one really comes from Burma, and is I think an Eurasian, but is very nice.  They seem on the whole a much nicer lot than last years’ bunch.

Gwen Woodward is still up here reading.  I have seen a lot of her.  She is in rooms near Worcester, waiting for Mr and Mrs Woodward, senior, to move into their new house at Chatham.  I have been hearing a good deal about the marriage.  Gwen is really very cut up about it, and is not a bit keen on going home.  She doesn’t really feel that she has a home now.  Kathleen Burton, the L.M.H. girl I met at the Pensions who came to supper one night with us, called on me on Thursday.  She was up for a commemoration service at L.M.H.  We had lunch together at the George on Friday, just before she went home.

In addition to all these little sociabilities, I have had two essays and a paper to prepare this week!  W. Hutchinson and I are coaching together for the Special – Grant Robertson is lecturing on it, and the Levett says he will in due course develop a discussion group, and finally a class.  I hope he will1!

Kenneth Rhodes is up at Corpus this term, for I have seen his name in the Gazette.  Llewelyn Woodward was at Corpus.

I hope to go to Mrs Moore’s next Sunday.  To-day I have a fire, and virtuously entertained freshers to tea.  I have written to Auntie Hilda, and will write to Auntie Lucy.

Please give my love to all the family.  I am sorry Arthur nearly made strawberry jam of himself, but was not surprised.  What did the Major say?  Please give my best love to Daddie and Max,

Your loving daughter,


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