31 October 1919


My dear Mother,

This letter is strictly private and confidential.  I want a little friendly advice.  You remember my adventure at Chinley?  Well Mr Bower1 sent me at the beginning of this term a snap of the Cam. which I admired at Chinley.  I wrote back and thanked him for it quite “definitively” and politely.  This morning I have again a very nice letter from him all about the S.C.M. and other activities in Cambridge.  The point is he proposes to continue the correspondence, unless I shew by not answering his letter that I do not care to do so.  What ought I to do?  I think it would be great fun to get news from Cambridge – I should enjoy it immensely.  But I don’t want any awkward developments.  Do you think it would be possible in a strictly friendly way?

I wish I had more experience in these affairs, but I am really frightfully young and innocent in this sort of thing.  I know that you had plenty of experience!

Isn’t there one of my photos still remaining?  I mean the large size?  This has nothing to do with the first part of the letter!  Joyce has asked me for one.  I would like the big one.  She found the extra proof which I had of that photo, with the supercilious expression, and refuses to give it up until I give her a really nice one.

Your loving daughter,


1Mr Bower is the Cambridge undergraduate Margot met at Swanwick and travelled with to Stockport in the summer.

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