2 November 1919

St. Hilda’s Hall,



My dear Mother

Many thanks for your parcel, and the letter and note enclosed, and also for the stockings and letter this morning.  I am glad that you think it would be all right to correspond with Mr Bower.  He wrote me a very interesting letter.  He is quite well bred, and interesting, if a little earnest!

I have had a letter from Phyllis also this evening.  I am glad that you have been taking her and John Cuthbert out.  I hope that you and Mrs Dixon will enjoy “the Mikado”.  I feel very envious of you – when I have time to consider the matter at all.

I have had a busy week as usual.  On Tuesday Gerry and I went to No 211 Iffley Road to dinner.  The lady there is perfectly charming.  She is quite young, comparatively speaking, a clergyman’s widow, who boards two of our freshers.  On Wednesday at the Historical Society, Mr J.J. Rousseau, an Afrikander, read a paper on the Great Trek, otherwise the first expansion of the Dutch colony into the Orange River region.  I didn’t somehow expect S. Africa to have had a history before the Boer War!

On Friday we had a Hallowe’en cocoa party in Isabel’s room.  We ate nuts and told ghost stories in the dark.

Yesterday we had a ripping gig – four.  Best was pleased to say I rowed well!  So I felt bucked.  I think I shall be in the Eight when it comes along.  Yesterday afternoon I had a very jolly punt load and tea-party – all second years – in honour of Mary Locker who is up here for the week-end.

I hope you will soon get rid of the children.  I do think Betty unconscionable!

I hope to dine with Daddie tomorrow night.  Please give my love to Max, and best wishes for the toe!  I am glad he did well in Greek.  Tell him to be first next time.

Your loving daughter,


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