8 November 1919


My dear Max,

Many happy returns of your birthday today.  I am sending you 7/6, 5/- of which is your own, to buy a lamp with, as I have decided to keep mine, and buy a back lamp up here.  So will you cancel my order at the shop in Acre Lane, and get them to sell you the lamp instead of sending it here.

How is the toe?  I hope it is on the mend.  It was a pity that you have had to miss so much footer, but as some of it was only soccer, I don’t suppose you minded that.

I hear you had a “blow-out” at half-term.  Was the Deutschland like the other German U-boat you saw?

What are you and Mother going to do with yourselves this week-end?  You will be a little lonely without Daddie.

Barnabas1 is still quite safe and sound, for a wonder.  This is an awful city to cycle in. The mud lies about in layers, and a cyclist should have nine lives a day, like the Cheshire cat!  I am sure that I have ten narrow escapes per diem.

Please thank Mother for her parcel, and say I will write to her to-morrow.  Must stop now, as I want to catch the 9.30 post.

Yours with love,


1Barnabas is the bicycle.  My father was 9 years younger than his sister.  He was born in 1905 so this was his 14th birthday and he is becoming quite useful in the matter of looking after bikes!

The next letter will be posted on 9 November 2016.