9 November 1919


                My dear Mother,

Many thanks for the parcel.  The cake arrived just in the nick of time for a freshers’ cocoa-party.  Daddie did leave me some money, but most of it went quite soon.  A big bill for books at Parker’s, a few washing bills, and several cocoa and tea parties, all necessary ones, soon eat up the rest.  But I can manage until next week.  That’s the worst of so many freshers, the entertaining business becomes so long-drawn out.  I have only had about half the 30 so far.

I am sending home another parcel.  I shall not want the pyjamas back, but I shall need the blouses and stockings.

Daddie and I had a very jolly time on Monday and Tuesday.  I went to dinner with him at the Roebuck on Monday evening, and brought him back to Hall with me for cocoa.  On Tuesday we had lunch together at the George.

On the whole this week has been rather less hectic than usual, and I have had time to cultivate my friends, chiefly Joyce and Gerry.  The Levett has been perfectly angelic this term.  On my last international relations paper she put – “Your work often shews a clearness of perception which is first class, but – etc. etc”.  I felt very distinctly bucked, I can tell you!  It is all Grant Bobs’ fault, anyway!

Would you please send me

a) Some red wool to mend my coat

b) Some large linen buttons

c) Some thread for re-threading my brown beads.

Dorothea is up this week-end – as original and amusing as ever.  She is now teaching at St Ethelburga’s School, Harrogate.

Last night the freshers gave a dramatic performance – a very good effort.  It was mostly burlesque – a take-off of Sheridan’s “School for Scandal” was the best.  There was a priceless remark in the burlesque of Tennyson’s “Princess”.  The Lady Psyche paraphrased the motto over the gate as “Let no man enter here unchaperoned”, which was vigorously applauded by the audience.

I hope that you and Max have not been too lonely this week-end without Daddie.  He seems to have regularly got going again on his travels.

Your loving daughter,


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