23 November 1919

P.S.  I went to tea with Mrs Moore yesterday.  They are both well.  Hugh is growing bananas!

St Hilda’s Hall,



My dear Mother,

Many thanks for your letter, the note, and the parcel.  The cake is a beauty, and much appreciated, except  by Evelyn, who never eats chocolate cake.  We tell her that the logical extension of that principle is that she should not eat chocolate.  She doesn’t see that!

I am so sorry not to have sent my washing.  As a matter of fact it was already packed up about a fortnight ago, but I put it into my cupboard and forgot to post it.  That is the worst of such a convenient cup-board.  Could you let me have the combs back as soon as possible.  I am so sorry about it.

Last Sunday we had a jolly hymn singing at the Shel.  Dr Allen was in his best form, bullying the public.  We had some fine new airs, including one of his own composition to “Christian, dost thou see them on the holy ground”.  It is really quite thrilling.  You can hear the troops of Midian prowl and prowl around.  After that was over I went to tea at Dr Selbie’s.  A funny little man from Queen’s was there, and we pulled each other’s legs for about an hour concerning the life led by Women Students and undergrads respectively.

On Wednesday we all went to see “Abraham Lincoln”, it being the only thing worth seeing this term.  It was an entirely different caste.  On the whole I liked the Lincoln better than the London one, but none of the rest were so good, while the Chorus man was rotten.  The acting tended to become melodramatic in places, which were not so at the Lyric.  Still, the play’s the thing!

I am glad Auntie is coming to stay with you, but hope she will not want so much nursing as last time.  Will she stay till I come home?  Both Ethel1 and Doris want me to come home on Sat. 6th for the Bazaar, but I am not going to miss a moment of this place for any of them.  Let them take their men!  So I shall come home on the following Monday as usual.

Mr Bower is coming to town this vac and wants me to meet him in town.  Shall I do so, or ask him home?  I knew that would be the next thing!  By the way, if I can coax Isabel home for the week-end before Christmas, may I do so?  She will be up in Oxford till then.  We have certain ideas together, besides the mere pleasure of having her.

Please thank Max for his jolly letter.  Did I tell you I was acting as secretary for a W.E.A. Study Circle on the Fisher Act?  We had our first meeting on Thursday, sans chaperone, only a post-grad. as camouflage!  That’s the Moberly, who by the way is a great success!  It is such a relief to have a woman of sense in Hall at last.  Mr Jones, the W.E.A. Sec., is a mine of information.  He has taught, and is married, which I think accounts for my liking him from the very first.  The other male present is one Francis Terry, who I am sure was in my first form at School – Miss Salt’s.  I have since had three other applications.  Best love to Daddie and Max

Your loving daughter,


1Ethel, as opposed to Aunt Ethel, and Doris are both old girls of Streatham Hill High School.

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