18 January 1920


 My dear Mother,

I arrived quite comfortably yesterday.  May Spurway and little Philp were in the same carriage, and I shared a cab with Una.  The 1.30 was not nearly so crowded as usual – for one thing Joyce and Evelyn had gone by the 12.30!  We got a porter and a cab quite easily, and Una rode in the cab with all my luggage, including Matthias, while I rode up on my byke.

I forgot to tell you that Ethel has a book for me.  Could Max call at 123 South Croxted Road on his way home for it one afternoon?1  I have brought no wool up with me, so could you also send some along, together with the remains of the blue ball?

There are one or two gaps this term.  Babe has gone down till next October, Gerry has tonsilitis, Jacinth has not yet appeared, while Kathleen Tullock appears to have smashed herself up pretty badly in a bicycle accident.  One extra fresher has appeared, another is rumoured to be in the offing.  Joan had a ripping time at Paris and Monte Carlo, and looks very well, not having done any work.  Isabel spent four weeks of the vac. in Oxford working, and only went home for Christmas.  She was ill at home, and looks very pale and wan.  Mary Mac spent her vac. in Egypt and Palestine, and is as blooming and sun-burned as usual.

Joyce looks ever so much better, and is once more her naturally high-spirited self.  She had done no work, by the doctor’s orders, and has just had a very giddy time.

I have brought your scissors as well as the folding ones, but will send them back as soon as I can think of something to send them in.

Much love to Daddie and Max, and Mrs Katsch,

Your loving daughter


1Max would easily pass by Croxted Road on his way home from Dulwich College to Streatham Hill.  It was quite a long cycle ride and very hilly.

The next letter will be posted on 23 January 2017.