14 March 1920

St Hilda’s Hall



                My dear Mother,

Many thanks for the shortbread, which has been greatly appreciated by all of us.  The little Quaker Oats cakes arrived quite safely, owing to their excellent packing.

I am going to take the 3.10 p.m. train from here tomorrow, arriving at Paddington at 4.10.  It is a very good train – non-stop.  I hope it will be all right for either you or Daddie to meet.

I have applied for the loan, which Miss Winslow has promised me before I go, so shall be able to use it to get home with.  It will be necessary, for my “Battles” 1  have been rather heavy, as they adopted a wicked plan of paying washing bills by the half term.

I am going to coach with Mr Woodward next term – Gwen’s brother Llewellyn, you know.  He was awfully nice, and strikes me as a rather good coach.  I have not heard recently from Gwen, but at the beginning of the week she sent me particulars of a boarding house which could take us.  I wrote back and gave her “carte blanche” to accept unless she found anything better.

Joyce has got through her Chemistry Prelim. – much to everyone’s relief.  Of course Evelyn and I take all the credit, and it really is largely due to our good management!

Much love till tomorrow!  I hope this will arrive by the first post.

Your loving daughter,


1 Battles:  the accumulated term’s sum of money owed to the college for various expenses incurred.

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