18 April 1920

at Bow House,

Lyme Regis, 1



                My dear Mother,

Many thanks for the parcel.  I sent one off to you on Friday, containing all I could spare for the wash.  I hope it reached you on Saturday.

We had a bad spell of weather in the middle of last week, which resulted in a violent wind and some magnificent seas.  The Cobb was quite impossible – the sea just treated it as if it were not there, and produced Niagara effects – and the waves sprayed right over the front and that part of the town where the buildings come down to the sea.  Yesterday we had a glorious morning, which we took advantage of to go along the under cliff path which landed us very deep in the mire.  After that – more rain!  This morning began hopelessly but resulted in a really fine day, which we spent on the Cobb, watching two boys and their mother manipulate a ripping little sailing vessel with red sails.  I think Max and I must acquire one some day!

On Friday we ran across Hughie and her father.  We manage to dodge R.O. pretty successfully.  I have had a letter from Phyllis, who wants me to join her and Ethel Salter at Keyham, where Jack has offered them his house for a fortnight from July 22.

We return home via Salisbury in order to inspect the cathedral.  Train arrives at Waterloo at 4.15 p.m. on Thursday.

Much love to Daddie and Max,

Your Loving daughter, Margot.


1Surprisingly she does not mention fossils as Lyme Regis played a great role in the evolving understanding of fossil remains.

The next letter will be posted on 26 April 2017.