26 April 1920

S. Hilda’s Hall



                My dear Mother,

I arrived quite happily – but with some difficulty – my back tyre having punctured on the way up, so I had to wheel the blessed thing all the way home, as the Oxford taxi refused to take it on.  However I got all my “impedimenta” taken for me in Una’s cab.  I hope Mr Broadbent didn’t bore Daddie over much at Paddington.

I have left simply heaps of things behind – my green cotton frock with the Paisley trimmings, my gray straw hat, two pairs of tennis shoes, one pair of bed room slippers, and a pair of white canvass slippers! Also my rain hat, and the dark blue jumper with the gray collar.  The dress and jumper are in the cup-board in Max’s room, the shoes in my wash-stand cupboard.

Please tell Auntie that my dresses travelled beautifully – they were marvellously packed.  The pink coat looks quite unruffled, also the yellow frock.

The double cherry is still in bloom, though of course it is past its prime.  The lilac is just bursting.  The garden is already collecting its unique smell.  The river is over the garden steps but has gone down a bit since yesterday, so we hope for a possible level for May morning.

Did Daddie tell you that I left my bank-book behind?  You have had it since I went to Lyme Regis.

It is quite fine to-day, but rather windy.  Dorothea is up for this week, as original as ever.  I shall have to ask her to tea.  Had a letter from Mr Bower this morning, quite nice.

Please give my love to all the family.

Your loving daughter,


The next letter to be posted on 2 May2017.