2 May1920

St. Hilda’s Hall



My dear Mother,

Many thanks for your letter this morning and the note enclosed, and also for your parcel on Saturday.  No need to apologise for the shortbread to this community.  They just love it.  I am sorry that Max did not get his move, but did not expect it after his place for the term.

I have not really got my bank book.  It is not in my jewel case.  Will you look for last term’s receipt in the envelope and give it to Daddie?  This term’s fees will be the same.  I have received my cheque from the B. who will be back in Oxford by May 15th.

Will you please put my bathing dress and cap in your next parcel?  They are in my bottom drawer.

I have booked a room for Auntie at the Roebuck, and have written to her about it.  I have also arranged for Phyllis next week end.  It is all right about the hostel, for the guest room is in the Iffley Road, and she will only have to sleep there.  She will have her meals in Hall with us, and need never notice the existence of anyone else.

May morning was quite satisfactory.  The river only went down just in time, and we had some difficulty in collecting all the boats, but everything went quite smoothly in the end.  We chose three very nice freshers to fill up our punt, and had a hilarious breakfast picnic.  By the way we have acquired a flask between us – a pint one 6/6.  It appears the Thermos patent is running out and everyone else is now making them cheaply.  So don’t give too much for yours.

The Moberly is a perfect gem.  In answer to certain requests of ours last term, she informed us last Wednesday that we might smoke in the garden.  Also that it was against the University regulations to walk home after an evening show with an undergrad.  If alone, a cab was usual.  If this failed, one undergrad was better than solitude, if less legal!  If you meet a Proctor, don’t run away!!

Your loving daughter,


The next letter will be posted on 16 May2017.