22 May 1920

St. Hilda’s Hall



My dear Daddie,

Ever so many thanks for your letter and the cheque.  I duly paid up all my debts.  Here is the statement of accounts you wanted.

Amount of Your cheque £20. 0.0
B’s cheque     5. 0.0
Reserved against this term     2.10.0
Private Money     4. 6.0.






So that all you need to refund is £4.”6.”0.

I went to Miss Talbot and had my information duly confirmed, but yesterday she wrote to say that she had misread the regulations, and that people applying only for one year were eligible only for the maintenance grant.

This of course is a great blow, and means that I could not save you any money by this method.  If only myself were concerned, I would let the matter rest here.  But Joyce is even more concerned than myself, as she will have a rotten time here next year without either of us.  Therefore I want to put this question to you – would the expense be greater here than at home?  If I don’t get the scholarship at Clapham and I don’t think I shall, as your income doesn’t look so small on paper as it is in fact, you will have to pay £24 for my fees, keep me and give me an allowance for dress as well as pocket money.  The fees here are £21, and I should want 10/- a week, i.e. £4 a term extra to the government grant to live on.  I can get from the government £98 guaranteed, plus 1/3 – i.e. £9 – for extra cost of living, which is not likely to go down next year.  We think we could between us live on £2.”0.”0 per week each – i.e. £16 per term.

Now don’t I cost quite 10/- per week to keep at home?  You would have to pay my fees anyway.  Of course I should want the same allowance as I have now – without the extras, for my social expenses would not be nearly so heavy outside Hall.  In London I should want an allowance for fares – travelling to lectures and schools, for it would not be all at Clapham.  Miss Talbot says that I could do any extra teaching necessary out of term easily at home in one of the adjacent High schools.

I don’t want to press this matter too urgently, and I know you will tell me quite frankly if you can’t  Personally I shan’t mind much.  Of course, Oxford is worth living in digs for, but it wouldn’t be so nice as in Hall.

I got a really good target last Tuesday – 92 out of a possible 100 – a smaller target than usual – 6 bulls, five in the lower half of the bull, four of them nicely grouped in the right hand bottom corner.

Your loving daughter


The next letter to be posted on 27 May2017.