27 May 1920

St. Hilda’s Hall



My dearest Daddie,

Ever so many thanks for your letter and the cheque, which have just arrived.

I can tell you about the payment of the grant, as I asked Miss Talbot about it, but forgot to mention it in my letter.  I get 1/3 of the £28 at the beginning of each term – the increase comes by cheque at the end of the term.

I will see what we can do about rooms at once.  We shall have to take them provisionally anyway, as they may have to be subjected to the university delegation, so I could always withdraw if anything unforeseen occurred.

The course up here has not the reputation of Cambridge or London, because it has only just been organised.  It does not lay so much stress on the practical side, but it does the theoretical part better.  The latter is rather neglected both at Cambridge and London, but here we have McDougall1, the great psychology man.  The main point is that it is training, and counts the same for the pension, which if you remember is the main reason why I am training at all!  Other people are getting most attractive jobs offered them straight from here.

Schools2 begin on Thurs. June 10th and last till the following Wed.  The previous weekend I shall be at Ascot under Wychwood until Tuesday, June 8th.  Could you come up either on that Tuesday – I shall not do any work in between that and Schools – or this very week-end, May 29th which is the only free one I have?  Any time next week before Sat. would do as well, if you don’t particularly want the week-end.  What about Max?

Your loving daughter


1McDougall – William McDougall, 1871 – 1938, who worked first in UK and then in USA.  He wrote a number of well known textbooks, and developed the theory of instinct and social psychology.

2Final degree exams.

The next letter to be posted on 2 June 2017.