14 November 1920

18 William Street  ,

Cowley Road,



                My dearest Mother,

Very many thanks for your two parcels, and the note and letters enclosed.  I am grieved to hear about Grannie, and am awfully anxious about Auntie Lucy.  I am also sorry that you are without Daddie this week – it is more anxiety for him.

Please thank Max for his letter.  I will see Castell’s1 about the socks.  I am much relieved to see the stockings.  I am so sorry to have missed the wash this week, but have enough clothes to last for next week – but should like the grey stockings back as soon as possible.  I am wearing out my party clothes this week, so that I can send them home to be washed before Emmie’s dance.

We had a great time last night.  We used the dining room and J.C.R., and had an orchestra.  Refreshments in the S.C.R. and Drawing Room. The dance was splendidly well run – the flowers nice and the lights prettily shaded.  Both Gilbert and Kenneth Rhodes enjoyed it immensely – K.R., by the way, is not our estimable cousin, but an old prep. School friend of Gilbert’s, and a very nice boy – about six feet in length – topping for me to dance with.  I have discovered that I can dance – in many styles.  Gilbert and I get along very well.  Mary Mac. brought two interesting Canadians, who danced toppingly – both Joyce and I danced with them.  I also had introduced to me one of Barbara’s men, rather a young man about town, who had only just recovered from celebrating the Armistice at Claridge’s!  Anyway, he danced adorably – in quite a different style from the rest.  The point was that he wanted to dance with me again, and so I had three with him at his request, and enjoyed them immensely!

Today Doris and I have been to tea with Dr Keatinge.  He lives at boar’s Hill – in a really nice house – and has a charming wife.  There were several people there, including an Irish poet who recited some charming little ballads of his own with an adorable accent, and a boy from Exeter Coll. who played the fiddle decidedly well.  He had a Strad. and played a Brahms sonata and some little modern pieces.  A thrilling ride home, in the pitch dark and driving rain!

Much love to Max.  I am glad about Phyllis and will try to write to her.  Joyce sends her love.

Your loving daughter,



Margaret is behaving so nicely!  I am sure your mind will be at rest.  I hope you are quite well.  With my love

Doris. 2

1Castells is a men’s outfitters, supplying college ties, blazers, sports gear, etc.

2What prompted Doris’s little note at the foot of the letter?

Next letter to be posted on 21 November 2017.


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