24 April 1921

145 Iffley Road



                My dear Mother,

Very many thanks for your letter this morning, and the club notice.  It was very kind of Mrs Dixon to send in the notice.  I must acquire some long envelopes, and then I will send for another form.  Joyce and I are going to take in the Times Educational Supplement this term.  I think Miss Talbot is going to be helpful in this business.  I am going to see her on Monday.

I am sorry to have run off with Max’s pump, but as I have not brought my own perhaps we might temporarily exchange.  Then I should get that washer mended!  However if he wants his own very badly I will forward it.

I had quite a hectic day yesterday.  The colleckers was quite possible.  I finished Munroe in the Rad – it took me the whole morning and afternoon!  Such a lovely day as it was, too!

We are very pleased with our digs – they are most comfortable and roomy.  The cooking, too, is excellent, and the view beyond words.  It is nearly as good as the view from my room last year, and faces the same way – West – so we get all the sunsets.

Will you please tell Daddie that I shall want £2.10s for the exam. before May 15th?  The said exam. is coming off in Commem. Week2!

Mr Hendy has had a final answer from the Education Office against us, so I am afraid there is no more than the £5 to be hoped for from that source.  It really is a pretty rotten business.  I wish the Non-Collegiate people had held their tongues.

We have got a piano here – very old and rather harsh, but it does for song accompaniments.

Could you please put my thimble in one of your parcels, and also my other needle book?  I find I have left both behind.

Your loving daughter,


Much love to Daddie and Max.

1Colleckers: slang for ‘collections’, short tests on arrival at the beginning of term.

2Commem Week; Commemoration Week when all the big dances take place just after the end of term.


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20 April 1921

Tel. Buxted 27.                                                                                            Upways                                                                                    Buxted                                                                                                                                                                                Sussex.


                My dear Mother,

Doris thanks you for your post-card, which came this morning.  I am sorry the boys felt tired after their ride, but I am not surprised, as it is a long one.

I am perfectly enchanted with this place.  The house is adorable, and Mr and Mrs Coleman1 are most kind.  Yesterday we cycled into Eastbourne, and had a look at the sea.  It was a lovely ride – up and down hill all the way.  We had the sea almost entirely to ourselves, for it began to sleet when we got there.  We ate our lunch in a shelter, looking towards Beachy Head.  Today we are going to Lewes, for a ramble on the downs.

When we got home last night some people came in, and we danced to the gramophone and the piano.  While we were in Eastbourne yesterday we acquired a new record of some numbers out of the Beggars’ Opera, which are jolly good.

Much love to Daddie and Max.  Please tell Max I shall come straight along the road by which we came until I meet him, if I get to East Grinstead first, so he mustn’t deviate.

Your loving daughter,


1Mr and Mrs Coleman – parents of Margot’s friend, Doris.

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